"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

-Oscar Wilde

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spring in November...

that's what the locals are saying... and it's true...

Three weeks ago I planted a variety of bulbs in our window boxes in anticipation of tulips and crocuses - come March.

They're sprouting now!

While, it has been grey, damp, and autumnal - the temperatures have been mild... this morning the sun is actually shining and it is predicted to reach 18 degrees. That's almost as warm as Summer.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


put a candle inside your head...

You may end up looking like this:

(Very scary.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Word of the day:

(der) Schnözel.

English translation: (the) snotty-nosed-little-upstart.

Ahhhh... sometimes the german language can be so wonderful concise, a single word where as it takes four in English.

Aimless Random Ponderings...

that have popped into my head while killing time, waiting for the chimney sweep ... who left a notice in the mailbox saying he'd be coming today between 12 & 3 and I'm actually quite excited because that means I'm guaranteed to have good luck today (because here in Germany it is considered good luck to see a Chimney sweep ) and god knows, I need all the luck I can get at this point on a gloomy, grey Monday...

Why does transparent silicon sealant smell like vinegar?

Is it normal - a few months after BUYING an apartment in Germany, to be overwhelmingly overcome with an insatiable longing that occupies most waking moments (and quite a few sleeping ones) to IMMEDIATELY move back to Australia?

On the subject of Chimney sweeps ...why do the children considered so "naughty" in old movies (usually the ones starring Julie Andrews) that scores of hard-core british nannies cannot tame or tolerate them, appear so angelic and sweet compared to modern youngsters?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shamelessly Cheating on Catching up...

on my long neglected blog ... by way of some random "FaceBook" status updates that have been made since my last post here! (Consider it a 'cheat's' twitter... and I've not included comments.... 'cause some of them may have reflected badly on me.... sigh...)

August 16th:

PJMel: summer street festivals (it's not just all beer and wurst you know!)

August 19th:

PJMel's off to share oz inflicted english with 20 impressionable German youngsters ... oh the power & possibilities!

August 31st:

PJMel's on countdown til her darlink sister arrives in D'dorf! Only 16 'sleeps' to go!

September 1st:

PJMel; 1st of september and the first leaves have begun to turn ... and a few have jumped branch... how can that be when summer has just arrived?

September 2nd:

PJMel had given a visiting toddler a spoon, and while backs were turned - he fed himself from Olli's cat food bowl... and THEN wanted to go back for more!

September 10th:

PJMel bought gladioli this morning, and now cannot remember if this is a Morrisey or a Dame Edna thing to do? Anyone know?

September 22nd:

PJMel slow cooked lamb, potatoes roasted in goose fat, & contreau pavlova for after..... yummy!!

September 30th:

PJMel it's my darlink sister's last night in Deutschland... :( ... whose bed will The Caspi-Man and Olli invade @ 3am, after she's gone????

October 10th:

PJMel introduced The Caspi-Man to The Sound of Music last night - and had completely forgotten the bit where Maria made lederhosen and dirndl from curtains!

October 13th:

PJMel wonders if there are other 4 year olds that are: "Hungry. Very hungry. Starving!! But just for something sweet and that IS NOT GOOD FOR MY TEETH!"?

October 15th:

PJMel finds childish amusement in the literal english translations for common german terms relating to the female anatomy... eg - "breast warts" (that would be nipples, folks), "mother mouth" (cervix) and "egg ladder" (fallopian tube)... (gotta love those playground bench discussions, huh?

October 19th:

PJMel has been experimenting with polenta... and what a strange substance it is...

October 22nd:
PJMel It's nearly 20 years since THE FALL OF THE WALL .... so we're heading to Berlin this weekend to get in before the crowds! (Actually, we're really going to help MAT celebrate his birthday and other life changing events! CONGRATS MAT!!)

October 22nd:

PJMel' d rather be a hammer than a nail, Yes I would, If i only could, I surely would.... - eeek! it would seem I have an earworm... (bloody Simon & Garfunckel!)

October 28th:

PJMEL was woken by a feeble voice that said "Mama, i've got to kotzen"... "huh? Kotzen????" ... oh...UGH! ... explanation through demonstration... it would seem kotzen is german for "CHUNDER"....

November 5th:

PJMel 's finally been lent the first series of "madmen"- after months of anticipation- and now the bloody DVD player's gone on the blink... :( ... and Bob The (bloody) Builder's stuck in it. CAN WE FIX IT??? (Apparently not, but we know who to blame!)

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