"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

-Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Half way through the year already?

But hasn't it just begun?

But I do seem to recall an easter egg hunt, with a surplus of river rocks and a splash or two of wine...

And an event that required the preparation of traditional Australian cuisine:

Of which there is more than one! Why, hello! sausage rolls and mini meat pies! What are you doing here?

There was a birthday requiring cupcakes. Of the blue variety. Most people secretly adore blue food. (Some in our household don't bother with keeping it a secret.)

The was an event where we got to bring home flowers. It was a delightful day.

And there were several school-type events that required even more cupcakes!

There was also the discovery of a new 6pm friend, and the heeding of the advice to enhance the friendship with cucumber, strawberries and mint. Always happy to heed good advice!

There were a few short-lived interesting days when many in our household whole-heartedly embraced pretty nails....

And there was a moment of sheer elation when cutting up an early season watermelon and finding BLACK seeds. It is almost possible to imagine that all is right in the world. (A rather aspirational delusion in this day and age...)

There have been a few outings for the BBQ, and the revisiting of 2003 via a travel version of the mojito...

And batches of french macarons to make and transport to friends elsewhere...

And blooming things on the balcony (many having survived from last year- through the mildest winter on record) to remind me that summer days are indeed here, and many hopes are perennial...

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