"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

-Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kann Kind... (wish it started with a C)...

So, The Caspi-Man has started school. 

First School Day

I had been anticipating and dreading this day in equal measure. Anticipating? Because, well, because it is one of life's important milestones, right? Dreading? Because, well, because:

a) it means getting up early and to school ON TIME (by 8am), every single school day. 

b) the end of spontaneously heading off on random adventures and holidays regardless of time of year. 

c) it won't be too long before he starts correcting my German grammar.

d) I will be expected to help him with his homework. In German. (See (c).)

d) many other reasons that I cannot be bothered listing... but suffice to say that (a) alone would be enough.

Here is the Caspi-Man's "first day" snapshot with his Schultüte:

 A german tradition - the Schultüte was historically filled with lollies and trinkets to share with classmates and win new friends.

Every time I see one I'm struck by how much they are like upside down Dunce's caps.

These days, the Schultüte is usually made at Kindergarden, and filled with surprises (& of course, lollies) to unpack at home. The Caspi-Man's included an alarm clock. (Have I mentioned that we have to be at school by 8 am? Every day!) 

My Mother-In-Law,  (aka The Schwierigmutter), was entrusted to take the compulsory family picture at the school gate:

Yep... this would be a typical example of why 
she is also known as the Schwierigmutter!

On day 3 of school,  I was confronted with my first dilemma in the helping of the homework.

The assignment? Bring something from home that starts with the same letter as the first letter of your name. 

Ok... that would be "C" ... let's think...

No, hang on, that would be K, wouldn't it? 

Ok, how about your rubber CROCODILE? 

Oh, K again. 

CAT? Bugger… 

How about... some CHOCOLATE? Oh, wait ... that's Schokolade – “S”, isn’t it….hmmmm… Chillies! You could take some chillies ... 

"That's a doof (dumb!) idea, mama!"

Drawing a complete blank, and with the Ger-Man away, I needed to consult the German to English translation dictionary (and of course "C" seems to be the shortest chapter).

Aha! Clown!

Bugger, we don't have any clown stuff (because let's face it ... they're slightly creepy). 

And then I got to "Computer" YAHOO! 

"You can take your 'Cars' Computer that Aunty P gave you... that's even 2 'Cs'!" 

"Good idea, Mama!"

The next day, at some ungodly and dark hour (ie before 8 am), we are underway to school  and the Caspi-Man says to me, "Good thing we remembered my LAPTOP, huh, Mama?"
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