"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

-Oscar Wilde

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Golly Gosh!

But the Brits put on a jolly fine show, don't they? Have thoroughly enjoyed this opening ceremony... as is my four yearly wont. (The Ger-Man has slept through most of it, and the Caspi-Man passsed out an hour ago.)

A friend had made Pimms n' lemonade and cucumber sandwiches to enhance his watching, but dammed if I was gonna do that. Last time I tried that was to take to a friend's to watch a certain royal wedding and as I was finalising the little triangles on a nice platter, certain cramps could no longer be ignored - and the Cheeky Monkey had joined us before the balcony kiss... it was two days before I saw THE hats!!

Needless to say that the Cheeky Monkey is no longer a baby, in fact, he has become a fully fledged toddler... affording me further excuses to neglect this blog. (I do blog a lot, but it is mostly in my head... probably better that way!)  

Here is a pic from 15 months ago:

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